How to Cancel Order on Jumia Ghana

Everyone Gets second thoughts

How to Cancel Order on Jumia Ghana

Why would one be looking for How to Cancel Order on Jumia Ghana? You have probably been in this condition before.  Ordering for a product then having second thoughts, or maybe the product has been in transit for long out-living its usefulness. So what do you do? Typically Jumia Ghana delivers items from between 2-5 days mostly fashion items. Their counterparts may even stretch further to 7 days.

Cancellation of a transaction is a standard practice especially if you have substantial grounds for doing it. So Lets find out How to Cancel Order on Jumia Ghana?

Calling on Phone to cancel order on jumia ghana

You can opt to directly contact the customer care office to notify them of your cancellation. It is important to note that Jumia customer care works on specified hours on different days of the week and occasions.

Sending a Cancellation Request Via Mail or Facebook

You can contact the customer care office using email.  of your pending cancellation request and wait for their response. The only problem is this isn’t as fast as calling and you will keep on checking your inbox for the confirmation mail.

Also, you can send a message  on their Facebook page: Facebook/jumiaghana

The  Jumia Ghana Online Order Cancellation Form

Jumia Ghana has an order cancellation form that allows you to fill all the necessary particulars of the transaction including the order number, your details, and reasons for cancellation and ensure familiarity with Jumia order cancellation policy.

One of the most important cancellations rules Jumia Ghana has is that you cannot cancel an order for goods imported just for you under the Jumia Global service.

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