2022-Jan-01 – Q&A – Shawn Meaike

Buying Burial Insurance for Parents

A lot of people have begun to realize the benefits of buying burial insurance polices. If your parents do no have the means to set up an insurance policy, you can act as a dependent and buy burial insurance in their names. Upon their death, the company would release death benefits to the benefactors, which can be used to cover for all the funeral costs. It is important to arrange for burial insurance because the costs of conducting a funeral have increased significantly today. They can cost anywhere between $6,000 to $15,000 depending on your options. With a burial insurance, you do not have to worry about arranging for funds and the policy will also enable you to send a loving farewell to the departed soul.

Do Life Insurance Companies Test for THC?

Earlier it used to be difficult for marijuana users to qualify for life insurance policies. Insurance companies viewed them as a health risk and most companies straight away denied policies to interested applicants. Moreover a lot of drug users also refrained from applying for life insurance over the fear of being prosecuted. This is unfounded as the HIPPA act ensures that insurance company maintains client confidentiality and a result will not approach the relevant authorities even if tested positive for THC. Today there are quite a few companies that offer life insurance polices for people who have tested positive for THC. Although the rates of premiums for these premiums would be much higher as they would be formulated with smoker rates. Still insurance has several benefits and all individuals must consider buying one.

Smoker Term Life Insurance

Smoker term life insurance is available online for those who qualify, you need to be in fairly good health. Because of the great campaign against cigarette smoking life insurance carriers have created different rates for people who smoke. Life insurance premiums are lower for most people as a result, those who smoke pay a little more.

What Asthmatics Should Know About Life Insurance

Asthma is a growing problem not just in the United States but around the globe and as the incidence of asthma increases its beginning to become a growing concern for life insurance companies as well. The major concern becomes one related to asthma-related deaths, especially in adults under the age of 65. Don’t be fooled: asthma is a very serious (and possibly deadly) problem for anyone who suffers from it. If you happen to suffer from asthma don’t be discouraged from thinking you can’t find affordable life insurance. You absolutely can.

Life Insurance for Former Cancer Patients

It is difficult to find good life coverage if you have had cancer. Most insurance agencies are worried about the risk associated with cancer and with those who suffered from it. Some will sell overpriced insurance or while others will refuse to cover any ex cancer patients.

Can Seniors Find Affordable Life Insurance?

We hope to be free of expenses when we reach retirement, however things don’t always turn out as we expect. Many seniors find themselves in a difficult financial situation and some have to support their children or other family members. In these circumstances is life insurance an option?

Should You Buy Life Insurance Through Your Employer?

In order to attract better employees, some companies offer a life insurance plan. Because it is a group plan, the premiums are cheaper as the rates are not calculated individually. Although this may seem like a good way to get some cheap coverage, it is mostly deceiving.

Are You In Danger?

Do you consider your job dangerous? Hazardous to your health? Possibly fatal? You might not think so but it could be. Some jobs are just plain more dangerous than others. Steel workers, roofers, police and first responders, even professional fishermen and farmers work jobs considered to be more dangerous than your ordinary tax accountant. (Although the tax accountant might be more hated.)

Life Insurance and Depression

In our ever-changing world and economy, depression is becoming a common thing. Millions of Americans suffer from chronic depression. There are many causes for depression: some people are genetically predisposed to depression while others suffer from it because of personal and financial reasons.

Life Insurance for Babies

It looks like you are never too young for life insurance! You can buy life coverage for your newborn. This insurance product doesn’t work in the traditional way as it is used more as a saving’s vehicle for your child.

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